A half-ascended Elf general


Damion was a powerful elven general during the time of the Ascension, over 5000 years ago. He was one of the survivors of the catastrophe, but he was twisted and changed by it. He grew taller and broader, his skin changed to a gray, pebbled hide, and his eyes burned with magical fire.

When the Elves fled their homeland, Damion, along with his lieutenant, Seelix, led the elven armies in the conquest of the Trolls during the Ascention War. It was during this conflict that, for reasons unknown, Damion ceased his assault on te eve of victory, disbanded his armies, and dissapeared, effectively ending the elvish race.

Recently, Damion has reappeared, at the head of a Troll invasion force. His armies threaten the security of the Commonwealth.



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